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I am so excited to celebrate 11 years in the Beauty industry by launching Evolve Naturally by Shannon! Evolve Naturally defines my journey as a Hair Extension Artist, Master Cut Stylist, Colorist, and Natural Hairstylist. Most of all, I love to empower women to love and embrace the beauty within despite the challenges that we are confronted with daily. 


I spent over a year working specifically with hair extensions. From full sew in installs to lace closure applications and wigs to simply adding length and fullness, I reveled in the transformation I could create for clients. Though, my interest was not limited to styling, I became interested in those suffering with conditions such as alopecia. Women want to both look and feel good but I wanted to make that their scalp needs were a focus.


So, I began a four year intensive training in natural hair care. This involved the use of natural ingredient products as well as a plant based hair color line.  During this training, I learned the various curl types, as described by the Andre Walker, and how to manipulate them accordingly. As a haircut queen, I created edgy looks that accentuated the intricacies of natural hair. I also encouraged my clients to try different styles as doing so prevents damage and promotes a healthy, luxurious crown. 


I express my artistry by designing trendy looks but can appreciate the sophistication of the professional woman. I am also committed to the health of the hair and scalp. All that I am able to do, I consider ministry because you will leave uplifted, ignited, and inspired. 


Evolve Naturally with me...

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